Stone and marble

Laboratorio Morseletto works with all types of stone.
We choose which stone or marble to use for each job we are commissioned to perform with great care and attention. The choice is huge, with a wide range of materials from all over the world, including local ones such as Vicenza Stone, which our workshop have used ever since the firm was founded.
The craftsmanship we have built up over the years enables our workshop technicians to assist the designer throughout the construction process, all the way from choosing the material to laying the finished product.
Extracting a block of stone or marble is always an unpredictable event. Nothing about it can ever be standardized or repeated. Starting from the choice of the block all the way through to combining it with other materials, the result is always original.
The Laboratorio uses high-tech machinery and processes to work marble, but our distinctive feature has always been that we hand-finish each piece.




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