The Laboratorio today

Laboratorio Morseletto combines an industrial dimension, in terms of production capacity with an artisanal approach providing impeccably high-quality craftsmanship in its own best tradition.
In a world of serial, globalized production, the Laboratorio has managed to keep alive a tailored, custom tradition, taking painstaking care over every detail.
Thanks to the presence of highly specialized and experienced workers, and of a technical office helping design architects, our solutions are never standardized, but totally customized.
Each time we receive a specification we look for concrete and original responses based on our knowledge of the materials and their qualities.
Laboratorio Morseletto stands out as a place where different personalities and experiences come together to create a place of culture, research and human relations.


  • The firm’s own Vicenza Stone quarries
  • Finding and selecting stone from around the world
  • Technical solutions for any architecture and design theme
  • Production of samples and mockups
  • Hand finishing of each piece
  • Specialized teams assist with assembly and installation in Italy and elsewhere.


  • Stone, Granite & Marble
  • Venetian Terrazzo
  • Palladiana
  • Washed Terrazzo
  • Precast Terrazzo, Palladiana and Washed Terrazzo
  • Marmorino and other wall finishes
  • Marmorino flooring, Pastellone
  • Smooth cement
  • Mosaic
  • Sculpture & Garden Ornaments
  • Furnishings
  • Restoration