Pastellone, Marmorino flooring

Forerunner of Terrazzo, Pastellone is a traditional single-colour flooring used in ancient Venetian palaces. Made from lime, recycled brick and stone, Pastellone was mixed by hand and then covered with a thin layer of an amalgam made from lime and finely ground terracotta. Sometimes the amalgam was dyed red with cinnabar. Hand-finishing with a trowel ensured perfect sanding and durability for the floor covering.
Laboratorio Morseletto has also developed a modern version of Pastellone.
In this case, the surface layer of the floor is 2/3 millimetres thick, made up of a mixture of lime and cement, stone and marble dust, pigments (for the right colour tone); several layers are laid one on top the other and then sanded, and finally treated with protective varnishes and natural waxes.