Marmorino and similar

Several illustrious examples of this ancient technique have been handed down to us from Roman times; indeed, Marmorino was “rediscovered” during the Renaissance, and from the 17th to the 18th centuries it was particularly widespread in the Veneto area.
It was considered a “poor man’s marble”, which it resembles thanks to a mixture of water, lime, marble powder, terracotta and /or pigments.
When making Marmorino, Laboratorio Morseletto focusses in particular on the traditional manual techniques that enable the craftsman to get the best out of the main materials he is using.
With its delicate nuances, and the many different textures that can be created using a wide range of detailed processing techniques, Marmorino is an ideal material for interior and exterior wall finishes, including Traditional Marmorino, Velvet Marmorino, Rasato di Calce, Intonachino and many others.




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